Grein Eucalyptus 60cm

Vörunúmer 730995395

Ásbjörn Ólafsson ehf er heildverslun og getur þar af leiðandi ekki gefið upp verð eða selt vörur til einstaklinga.


7330026164459 (STK)

Grein Eucalyptus 60cm
Grein Eucalyptus 60cm

Mr Plant is one of Europes leading suppliers of artificial plants, flowers and trees. We offer a total concept, with high-quality products and additional accessories. We are a secure partner with a high level of service. A broad assortment that we renew seasonally and ambitious warehousing allow us to deliver the right product at the right time, world-wide. Mr Plant has headquarters and displays in Tidaholm, Sweden, and is also established in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain and France. The company was founded in 1988 and is part of the Dalema corporate group.

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