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About Ásbjörn

asbjorn olafssonÁsbjörn Ólafsson ltd. was founded in 1937 by Ásbjörn Ólafsson, an entrepreneur and a businessman. In the early years, the company‘s main focus was importing and selling textiles, shoes and giftware. Soon, other product categories were added such as groceries, furniture and clothing among other things.

In 1967, the company moved to a new location, Borgartún 33 in Reykjavik. At that time, the building was one of the largest buildings in the city. There, Ásbjörn opened a hardware and electronics store. At the same time, Ásbjörn owned several other companies such as a dress shop, a furniture store, and a timber sale. For a long time, importing and selling products for the construction industry was a major focus at the company.

husThe company built new headquarters in 1992. At that time, Ásbjörn Ólafsson ltd.‘s main functions were the same as they are today; importing, marketing, selling and distributing various goods for the retail- and catering market. In 2006, The company built and moved into it‘s current headquarters. Today, the company employs 56 skilled and hard-working employees.

Ásbjörn Ólafsson ltd. is a family company, and is owned by the five children of Mr. Björn Guðmundsson and Mrs. Ólafía Ásbjörnsdóttir, the daughter of the founder.

The role and policy of Ásbjörn Ólafsson ehf. is to provide the Icelandic market with first-class products and to ensure that each brand that the company represents has a strong presence on the market and with the consumers. That is partly done by providing our customers with outstanding products as well as professional and personal service.

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